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Ali's History Walk

History Walk with Ali Torres

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Little Wing  A beautiful Little Wing Gyro - And, a tractor pulling it straight as well.  Cool.What  an awsome little ship! Flight At PRA  Popular Rotorcraft Association - Member in flight Waiting  Waiting for the controller to approve use of the runway.  Nice gyro. . . . build one for yourself. Now It's His Turn  Cleared for takoff and ready to get that rotor spinning fast and lifting the ship off.  Lots of fun.
Pit Bull Gyroplane  This is a nice ride and looks like a antique.  Sweet! Aviation Pioneer  Miller was an original Gyronaught with a great life story. Marion Waves  Marion, aviation icon, visits San Manuel Airport. The first female certified flight instructor, she has been flying Gyrocopters since the late 1960s. How Fun Is That?  Too much fun, too few gyros !
Gyro Clubs Get Together  Three gyro clubs get together.  Pelican State Rotorcraft sponsored the fly in at Bastrop LA USA. What a great lineup! Gyro Day  Bastrop, Louisiana, USA at the Morehouse Memorial Airport 3 State Meet Sikorsky Experimental  This is a double rotor helecopter with a push prop, like most gyros.  Wow ! Crazy Gyro Guy  This guy just got his first ride in/on a gyroplane and WOW is he excited. Play the video.
Low pass at Wauchula Fl on Thanksgiving  We went on a Test flight heading out from Orlando in the Citation and Buzzzed Wauchula runway 36 then stopped in to visit with some gyro friends. What a great day! Landing to visit gyro family  A voice came on the Unicon and said, "Ali would that be You?" I rap that Citation around and made a short base to spend some Thanksgiving time with my Wauchula friends. Ali Torres Thanksgiving in Wauchula, Florida. with the Autogyros Family  Ali (orange shirt) and the gyro family on Thanksgiving 2013.  The gyros are behind the group.