Ali's History Walk

History Walk with Ali Torres
Farinton Aircraft  Left to Right: Alejandro "Ali" Torres, John Potter; Don Farrington with the Air Diplomacy Award. Most anyone in the world of gyros new John Potter. John logged the highest long-time in autogyro and Don Farrington the Pan American 727 Captain are known world-wide. Few people did more for the movement than they did. The most the dedication to extend the Air & Space 18 A life. Ali y Vittorio Magni  Alejandro "Ali" Torres of Maracaibo Venezuela returning in a Magni gyro and the designer of that gyro, Vittorio Magni from Italy. Magni Days  Vittorio Magni (Orange Suit) just came in from the Demo Flight. The Italian Flag, at the  “Cameri - Milano Italian Air Base ”,  was signed by all the present officers was presented to Ali to carry back to Venezuela and deliver to an Italian friend. Vittorio Magni  At one of the Magni Days,a miniature replica (made by an artist in Venezuela) of the machine Introduced there  was presented to a very surprised Vittorio Magni by Ali at the Show.
Cub On Floats  Ali at the Jack Brown Sea Plane Basein Winter Heaven, Florida. Ali and Air Space 18A  Ali flew the 18A, pictured, for the completion of his fist Cross Country Flight as a requirement to become a Commercial Pilot and then a CFI. Ali said, "What a wonderful jump take off marvel!" Ali, Igor Bensen y Vittorio Magni  Igor Bensen (blue jacket) is congratulating Ali (in red) on the flight demo Ali had just performed on Magni's prototype. The show announcer made a big deal of the fact that it was the first time Ali had ever flown that machine and it was Magni's first demo flight in America (USA). : Jets vs Tuboprop Tower Air Marianella y Ali  Ali and his wife, Marianella, are towing one of the Citations they operate.