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Hello Everyone!

I did not get a chance to send out a set of photos last month so you are getting two months worth of photos in one set.

There are four shots are from a trip to Lumberton for breakfast (near Wilmington, Ohio). Mark Webb, Connie and I flew up.

For the many years I have worked for my company, it has always seemed that when it came time to give a class out of town the other instructors got sent to cities in the south, warm with beaches and so forth. Where as I seemed to always get sent to places like Minnesota in the winter. So when I was told I had an out of town class to teach I started to look up maps of Siberia BUT thankfully, this time I got to go to Baton Rouge! Since the class was an afternoon-evening class I had some time to even check out the local stuff.

While down there I had the pleasure to meet some gyroplane pilots that I knew through the internet forums. One lived very close to where I was staying (Rudy) and invited me down to take a morning flight in his gyroplane so I jumped on that offer!


  A cool pond. A hot air balloon (tethered) that was giving rides near the airport one day 2 shots are from my visit to Ed Newbold in Newark Ohio. I asked Ed to "lead me to the basket" so he takes of before me and a moment after I take off you can see what I saw. In the photo you can see Ed's yellow RAF gyroplane before me in the distance and MILES away in front of him is the basket I thought I would need to be lead to! He told me that "I just have to see the building", "It looks like the jolly green giant just set this basket down in the valley". Well even with that description I had no idea what was about to come...The basket is a building for a company that of course, makes baskets. It is HUGE.
Big Ship on the Mississippi - Don't see these on the OHIO! Rudy and I Clouds approaching Port Smith More of that approach Connie taking more pistures.
2700 feet - the cockpit from much higher then I usually fly the Twinstarr. FEMA Trailers - Self explanatory, the famous 'temp' housing for Katrina victims Fernald Weapons Facility Park is the new park at Fernald This was the most scenic trip Connie and I have ever been on. The valleys had a mystic fog and the air was cool and still. While we were flying I saw what looked like little mini-me trailer parks around. I asked Rudy about them and he said they were GRAVEYARDS! Apparently because of the water table they bury above ground!
The terrain was awesome. Rolling hills that seemed like flying through a small mountain range. Horses of Revelations I I wish They Would Stop Growing These. Log cabin
Low river chasing. Southern Mansion from a cross country trip to Portsmouth Ohio for breakfast. Connie and I flew in the gyro and Mark Webb flew in his KitFox airplane. This is some kind of nest (eagle??) that is on top of an old pole in the middle of a lake that formed in an abandoned strip mine. Pond Supply Store
On the way we saw an Ultralight Trike flying. We took some pictures and went on. Most of the trip was rural and the hilltops were covered with trees (see photos) but as we crested one hill top both of us gasped as we had come across a private GE jet propulsion research facility.

It was like a scene out of a science fiction movie. Hidden in the trees, at the top of a small mountain is a runway and huge strange structures for testing jet and rocket engines.
Randy Workman flying over the real M*A*S*H unit that is at Clearwater Airpark. Road to fogland. I saw this in someone’s back yard. What a cool play set!!!!
When I got home I got a call from Doug a friend of the pilot internet forum and he was the guy flying the Trike! He was taking photos too and sent me this cool one of the Twinstarr He also sent this shot of his cockpit! This is a neat house. This old house was designed to collect rain water through the roof to fill the cistern. This shot is this month's mystery photo!!   To find out what it is (if you don't already know) you will have to decipher the reverse text at the end of this article. This shows the early summer water conditions we had around Cincinnati.


Mystery photo info:

.stinu tseilrae yrev eht fo eno si siht etacidni )sdlew on( stevir ehT .won rosserpmoc ria elbatrop a esu thgim ew ekil desU .tinu rewop maets s'0081 a si sihT

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