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Sport Copter Chase Video

You are invited to fly along on these spectacular scenes over Scappoose, Oregon, USA.

Sport Copter is a second generation family business (since 1958).  They have proven over the years to be the leader in design concept and continue to improve quality, enhance performance and increase safety standards within the rotorcraft industry.  Jim Vanek, president and chief designer for Sport Copter, Inc., test pilot, air show performer, currently ranked as the top auto gyro pilot in the world and sought after for his expertise in rotorcraft design. Jim revamped the Vancraft designs including the award winning world’s first two-place gyroplane which took the prestigious “Charles Lindbergh” award at the Oshkosh EAA Air Show in 1985.

Watch the Sport Copter Chase Video. You have a choice of sizes to accommodate your download capacity.

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