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Gyro Visits Shasta Valley - - What Fun!

Here are some photos of our gyrocopters to check out. The one with the three guys is me, Ed Medlin, on the left, Kevin Richey of Portland, OR in the middle and Hans Peters on the right. Kevinís gyro is also a Sport Copter and it has the checkerboard rudder, Hansí has the red rudder and is a Soma gyro. Hans is pictured flying in Shasta Valley.

Ed Medlin & Sport Copter Lightning

Hans Peterson's Soma Gyro

Pictured from left are: Ed Medlin, Kevin Richey & Hans Peterson

Ed Medlin's hanger
Kevin’s yellow-tail Sport Copter

Hans Peterson & his Soma

Ed Medlin Captures Flight In Shasta Valley, California, USA

At the end of this video, there are photos of the machine behind the camera and the two machines in the video and their pilots. The pilot of the SOMA gyrocopter is Hans Peters and the pilot of the Trike is Paul Morton. There is also a photo of Ed Medlinís Sport Copter Lightning, the ship that carried his Flip Video camera. He is unable to reach it during flight so it is only filming straight ahead. He was doing the filming so he is not in the video at all. They're hoping to put a bracket on Hansí gyro so he can film back someday. Hans, Paul and Ed are local pilots and we try to fly together when time allows. Hans shares a hanger with Ed and usually get together on Sundays. Hansí family owns most of the ranch land around the airport and those are his cows we are flying over.

The flight video was made September 14th, 2008 around noon time or thereabouts. Siskiyou County and Shasta Valley is a great place to do gyro copter flying, there are five airports in the county and they are all friendly.

On the nose of Edís ship you can see the mounting bracket for the camera and on the left side of his seat, you can see one of those boat air horns you can buy with replaceable cans of air. Ed said, ďI use the horn to  honk at my friends on the ground and at the golf course when we fly by them.  Naturally I don't fly directly over the golf course but around the perimeter.  We seldom fly higher than several hundred feet and most times lower than that.  I have ordered a smoke making kit from Scott Essex in Georgia and hope to have it installed in a few months.Ē


We hope that you all enjoy these videos as much as we have enjoyed putting them together. (More detailed information is in the chapters area.) 


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