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Press Release Procedure

Are you looking for editorial coverage in the Gyro Flyer, the Members Only Magazine, or on the Gyro Nations open-to-the-public pages?  Well, sending the information to us for release is one thing you can do to greatly increase your company's chances of being written about. In order for us to consider writing about a specific topic, product or event, we must know about it.  While we do our best to keep up with what's going on within the gyro community, the best way to be sure we are aware is to share what information you have with us. We encourage companies in the industry to send us press releases about any and all new developments of interest to gyro pilots and  gyro builders.

bulletpress releases must be sent via e-mail to our webmaster.
bulletinclude several photos if possible, since they increase the readers interest and your possibility of getting on our What's New column
bulletsummarize the news you are releasing in less than one page
bulletprovide product prices, the product name
bulletinclude complete contact information in case we have additional questions

Press releases can be used in a number of ways. We publish some releases in our What's New column in the magazine, and others are used in the monthly columns in our members only section. Many releases provide article ideas that are further researched to be written into feature articles.

We consider all news releases that we receive but limitations oftentimes prevent publishing the release in its complete form or sometimes at all.  Those limitations are usually due to space or editorial discretion.




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