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The Gyro Nation Pilots Pledge

Gyro Nation is dedicated to gyros' aviation journey of discovery – the search for self knowledge, meaning, friendship, and fulfillment that links the world’s people that enjoy auto gyros. Whether born on a mountain or raised in the city, enjoyment of auto gyros is independent of age, income, occupation or of culture. Building and flying the auto gyro re-energizes, restores, illuminates . . . and clarifies what is important to us all.

Gyro Nation members maintain the passion for innovative designs and craftsmanship. Our core values set the standard for every gyro we make and every flight we take.

Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct

The following paragraph and downloadable "Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct" are here for Gyro Nation members to review at the request of Martyn Weaver, Gyroplane Flight Instructor and Sport pilot Examiner.  Feel free to ask Marty any questions.  Send any comments on this code, in confidence to the Gyro Nation Webmaster.

Gyroplane Pilots, download your copy of the  "Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct" that has been adapted from the "Light Sport Aviator's Model Code of Conduct" (LSAMCC) developed by Michael Baum of CA. The LSAMCC was released at Oshkosh but did not receive much press. But various organizations such as COPA and other countries have adapted the code as part of their pilot education programs. I ask that Jim West post it on the RAF Pilots Association web site and encourage the readers to review and adapt it as part of their preflight activities it would go along way in promoting aviation safety in the gyroplane community. Let me know what your members think.



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