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Aviation Events Are For Enjoyment

Ever been ramp checked in the USA? Several members of our group have, over the years, expressed concern about ramp checks by the authorities. In fact, they avoid going to fly-in events with their gyros because they are worried about having to go though an inspection. For the most part, an inspection at an event never happens and the inspection policy is not to conduct ramp checks at organized aviation events like fly-ins and the such.

Crazy Man


There are some fly-in group organizers in the US, however, that have actually invited the FAA to attend and to do checks on (say) the third day of the event. The event that I am thinking of had that in their program along with a date and time. I can tell you from my own observation that on the early morning of that third day (shortly after sun rise) you would notice tents were missing and you could hear the sound of gyros starting their engines and see them heading to the runway to begin their journeys home. I can also remember some gyros were now trailered and the trailers were also about to be or already were on their way out of the fly-in area.

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In Recent History

FAA warns light sport aircraft manufacturers of violations

The Federal Aviation Administration has warned some manufacturers of light sport aircraft that they are violating safety standards. Most of the violations involved missing paperwork, said Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association. "Missing a document doesn't mean an airplane wasn't built right. It just means you can't prove it was built a certain way," he said.

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$100 US Per-Flight Fee - Researched by Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association

Say it isn’t so.  After almost 9,000 people urged the president of the USA to take damaging aviation user fees off the table, the administration on Jan. 13, 2012 offered its response: No way.



Air Traffic Control Tower - Hold Short 

Have you recently been issued "hold short" instructions by a Control Tower and you acknowledged with just your "registration" number or even worse, the infamous "roger"? What happens next is the controller tries to get you to say the proper response. This is not because the controller is "having a bad day" and is hassling you. This has been leading to some interesting radio dialog and ties up valuable radio time.

All the USA Air Traffic Control Towers have been mandated to emphasize the use of proper radio phraseology concerning "hold short" instructions as stated in the Aeronautical Information Manual AIM.

Complacency and / or the lack of radio discipline has led to numerous runway incursions. Remember to maintain safety and professionalism by adhering to proper and precise radio communications.


Small Airports Are Perfect For Gyros!

As you drive your motorcycle, car or pickup truck onto your airport, look around. Many of us fly out of small family-oriented fields. And these scenes are open for all of us to enjoy and take pleasure in the ongoing airport story.

A recent trip brings this to mind. It was a holiday weekend and the taxiways had some non-aircrafts on them. There were kids’ tricycles , bicycles and coaster wagons on the paved surfaces to look out for. I forgot to mention some loose dogs as well. Now most of this occurred on the actual hanger ramps as opposed to the main airport taxiway, but non-the-less it was nice to see families enjoying the airport together. Did I mention folks cooking on charcoal grills? I wonder if that is even legal? Now I have a smile on my face thinking of all that going on.



There was work being accomplished as well. One antique airplane was getting some paint touched up on her wings and some new lettering being applied to a gyroplane.

The winter was officially over for these airport attendees and everyone could tell that this is truly “Spring” in the air. Real sunshine is coming and the winter blasts are behind us. Flip a page on our calendar.

Small airports are different than large ones. At small airports, folks drive past and wave as they leave the airport or arrive. Many won’t just waive, but feel compelled (by courtesy) to stop and say hello. Now, on this day, they don’t need to roll down the window first since Summer is coming! If you need a hand, the guy that stopped to say hello will be happy to lend his to hold a wrench or help push the gyro into the hanger.

God bless aviation.