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Aviation Events  

 . . . .Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, find, build and fly. Too much fun, too few gyros !

Brako Gyro Snow Flight

  I delivered a Brako Gyro to a customer in Gdansk. The temperature on March 12, 2010 was a frigid -14 degrees centigrade.

The ground in Gdansk, Poland was freshly covered with snow and after the area outside of the hanger door was shoveled and the Brako Gyro pushed out onto the apron, we caught our breath from all of the snow shoveling activities.

I started the gyro and the flight began.

Claudio Pagotto

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More information

Nice Xenon Gyro

I managed some flying out of Speyer (EDRY) and into Freiberg (EDTF) in Germany. It was notable that myself and my cousin finally got there. We'd promised ourselves this trip for many years and we finally managed it!

 PLUS whilst there, I got to see an MT-03 take off and land. And over at the hangers was a particularly fine example of a Xenon Gyro. Doesn't she look great?  This  is me
admiring itI also have a picture of me decrying the fact that it isn't my very own little RAF Modified which is lost somewhere in the world !!!


KRUZA by GT Gyroplanes

GT Gyroplanes Pty Ltd, was formed by brothers Geoff and Alistair Morrison.  Geoff had spent 20 years of his life maintaining and re-building small fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in Central Otago, New Zealand.  Alistair is a Civil Engineer who has had  a passion for flying since his first flight in a Tiger Moth at the age of eight.  Both have fixed wing and gyro licenses and have owned several different aircraft.   When they could not find a gyroplane which met their needs, they started developing a gyroplane which has lead to the “Kruza”. More Info

Monarch hang test at Caboolture Airport, Australia

PRA Chapter 20 Visits Opelousas, Louisiana, USA on November 9, 2009

You can tell we are friends because we're always having WAY MORE FUN than it really makes sense to be having.

Pictured above, Yankee Rotors Chapter of "Rotorheads" is (to put it simply) all about helping other rotorheads. The group gets calls from all over New England from people who are non-members that want information about gyroplanes. These guys are there to help.

Above is an Air-To-Air photo of Greg Spicola doing a dive-away in his awesome gyro

This video - a gift to all

As a gift to the Gyro Nation and to the RAF Pilots, especially to those that have contributed pictures of their ships or flights or things of gyro interests to the cause, this video is dedicated.  Not everyone that contributed to the cache of photos will find their picture in the video, but many contributors will probably recognize a frame or two. 

As you view the video, one thing comes to mind and that is the reach of this organization. There are people and ships from every continent (except Antarctica). People and ships, of many bloodlines.

I hope that you all enjoy this tribute as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. The picture  takes you to the video download. (A larger version is in the chapters area.)

Happy Landings,
Jim West

Here are two photos of my Sport Copter gyrocopter

There are several gyroplanes at our airport in Shasta Valley in Northern California next to the Oregon border, great flying country!!  See more pictures from our field.  Also, see our video.

Ed Medlin


Fall 2007 cross-country trip over Northern Kentucky, USA - Left Downwind for runway 3 at Gene Snider Airport, Falmouth Kentucky, USA  - Taken by Tim O'Conner

MT-03 -  Cool Bird Flies Over the UK, Germany and South Africa

RotorSport UK Ltd is the first UK company approved by the CAA as a BCAR Section-T compliant factory-built aircraft assembled in our own workshops.

They regularly, like airplane manufacturers, receive enquiries from people who want to share ownership of an MT-03 with others.  As well as reducing the ownership costs by sharing the purchase price and running expenses the partners also always have someone else to share in the fun of gyro. There are a load of guys that want to get into the gyro sport aviation area and can invest their money on lessons, but not on 2-seat gyros. Those are the folks that often fly single-seat machines (at least in some countries). Allocating the discretionary income towards a home and new family sometimes requires a club/share to make it easier to fit a nice two-seater into the family priority scheme. We are not suggesting that two seat gyros are too expensive to own outright. Two seats in any brand usually cost more than one seat. The MT-03 website (although I am certain most customers would buy their own gyro) has a mention on shared ownership that might work well for many of us in the gyro community. Good for them to mention that as an option.

See the MT-03 in action; download the MT-03 video.

Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct

Gyroplane Pilots, download your copy of the  "Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct" that has been adapted from the "Light Sport Aviator's Model Code of Conduct" (LSAMCC) developed by Michael Baum of CA. The LSAMCC was released at the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA in July, 2006 but did not receive much press. (Most of those guys are airplane enthusiasts.)  Various organizations such as COPA and other countries have adapted the code as part of their pilot education programs.

More on the code . . . .

SecureAv  announced their intention of launching of the Gyroplane Aviators’ Model Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) in the next few weeks  The Code of Conduct seeks to advance flight safety and airmanship by presenting a vision of excel­lence in the gyroplane community and makes recommendations across a wide spectrum of issues related to the specific needs and concerns for those flying gyroplanes.

Martin Weaver, Drafting Team member and retired manager of the FAA’s Light Sport Aviation Branch stated, “the Gyroplane Aviator’s Model Code of Conduct is a step forward in providing the gyroplane community a tool to enhance aeronautical decision making at all levels; pilot and flight instructors.  If used by the community it should have a positive impact on reducing gyroplane accident rate.”

Don LaFluer, Director of Marketing for Rotary Air Force of Kindersley, Canada, manufacturer of the successful RAF-2000 gyroplane, announced adoption of, and agreement to distribute the Code of Conduct with all new gyrocopter deliveries.  

Ram Pattisapu, President of Indus Aviation, remarked, “The Code of Conduct addresses the areas essential to developing the thought patterns and concerns of a safe and competent pilot.”

Jim West, President of the RAF Pilots’ Association and well known gyroplane enthusiast, said that he was pleased to announce that two gyroplane organizations, the RAF Pilots Association and the relatively new Gyro Nation, have published the current version of the Gyroplane Aviator's Model Code of Conduct on their websites. “The code is there for download to readers encouraging gyroplane safety amongst the membership and gyroplane pilots as a whole,” said Jim West. The RAF Pilots’ website supplies over one thousand regular readers with current gyroplane information and has established relationships with gyroplane enthusiasts around the world.

The Code of Conduct is a derivative of the Light Sport Aviators’ Model Code of Conduct (LSAMCC). 

The Code of Conduct is a “living document” reflecting changes in Gyroplane practices and environment.  It is available as a free public service together with supporting materials at,, and   The Permanent Editorial Board for the Aviators’ Model Code of Conduct is presented at  For further information about the Code of Conduct contact <>.

New Gyro Operation for New Zealand

 I am a UK instructor setting up operation in New Zealand. Having been there to recce, I am full time from October 2006.

I just finished an article for the New Zealand magazine and a photo of the dominator that I used on my last visit there. I will try to bring you video of a side-by-side project called Kahu which I am also involved with but that will come from my friends in Aerosport, NZ.


Tony Unwin

Tauranga City Airport
Mount Maunganui
New Zealand
64(0) 7 575 6583
64(0)21 038 0760


Tony & Chris Wade with Kahu

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