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PRA Chapter 40 (Formerly Cincinnati Rotorcraft Association)

We hope that you visit us not only through our newsletters, but at our events.

Fall 2010 Newsletter

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Fall, 2009 Newsletter

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2010 Doolittle Raiders Reunion

I flew up in my Twinstarr and it was a GREAT time. The trip is just over an hour each way.

Then on Sunday, Connie flew us to Morrain Airpark (in Dayton) where they let us use the courtesy car to drive to the WBAFB museum for the memorial ceremony in which 25 B-25's flew over in formation and we got to meet the surviving raiders. It was truly an honor to pay our respect to these servicemen of the greatest generation. It was also great fun to fly in the pattern with B-25s!

If you don't know about the Doolittle Raid, then I am not sure where to begin. I strongly suggest watching the movie "30 Seconds Over Tokyo”. These raiders were asked to do the impossible, at the probable cost of their lives and when their plan was thwarted by scout ships, they succeeded anyway.

Aviation legend and the raiders’ leader Jimmy Doolittle (the most oxymoronic name in history) had cast and name inscribed goblets for each of the 80 raiders. He then set a tradition in which at each reunion the surviving raiders would honor the departed raiders by turning down their goblets and drink a toast to each of the fallen. Six raiders were present at the 2010 reunion.

Timothy O'Connor

2010 Doolittle Raiders Reunion


PRA Chapter 40 Spring 2010 Fly-In & Meeting Photos


Fall, 2008 Newsletter

Fall meeting photos to the right.  (Click to zoom in.)

PRA Chapter 40 Fall meeting

Pete and Bensen

Bensen Over Trees

Bensen Fly By

Bensen V Stab

Brian and Tom Final

Brian and Tom


Randy Duel Marchetti

Two Place Gyros

Volks Bensen

East Fork Lake

Scott Take off

Herb Humphries


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June, 2008 Newsletter

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September, 2007 Newsletter

August, 2007 Newsletter

Mentone Flight Plan  for 2007 - -  If you all could answer a few questions so we can start planning!!!
1. Are you willing to consider flying up?? (if the answer is NO then you don't have to respond to any other questions!!! )
2. If you are flying a SINGLE PLACE rotorcraft what is your MAX cruise speed you are willing to fly for the trip?
3. if you are flying a SINGLE PLACE rotorcraft what is your MAX range in hour(s)?
4. If your aircraft is a 2-stroke are you willing to fuel up with AVGas if we bring along oil for pre-mix? ( I did it cross country in my AC447....)
5. If you are flying a TWO-PLACE rotorcraft what is your MIN SPEED you are willing to fly cross-country?
6. If you are flying a TWO-PLACE rotorcraft what is you MAX RANGE in hours (at min cross country speed) ?
7. Are you willing to Leave Wed or Thursday to fly up?
I have attached the flight plan I used for my flight to Mentone in 2006.
The longest leg at twinstarr cruise speed ( 56 kts / 64mph ) is 55 minutes.
This year if we have people coming from Columbus OH and Hamilton OH we would want to modifiy it for a better location to meet I would think.
Brent Drake Joined me at Marrion Field last year for the final leg.
I only attached this plan for discussion purposes. I am NOT suggesting we follow this exact route this year.
Let me know soon guys!!!


July, 2007 Newsletter

June Meeting Reminder

May, 2007 Newsletter

March, 2007 Newsletter - - Special Note: Runway Condition Report for PRA Chapter 40 Meeting This Saturday 3/16/2007 at noon.  The runway conditions are and will be unacceptably wet for flying into Saturday's meeting. We of course will still be having the meeting but you will need to drive in unless you have a helicopter and don't mind getting it wet.
If you need directions to Clearwater Airpark please let me know and I will get them to you at once. Don’t forget to bring a camera and a friend, there is LOTS of cool stuff to see at the airpark! - Tim O

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June, 2005 Newsletter

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