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Posting an ad on this website is simple.  The guidelines are listed below for your convenience.



We will publish 30 words or less for up to six months for $15.00 US.  Ad orders will be edited by Gyro Nation before the ad is published. Expect a few days delay between your submission and the ad's publishing. If you are a member of a gyro organization that publishes their newsletter with us, your ad will be free ( that is a $15.00 value) .


We may publish up to 3 ads of 30 words or less as a benefit of their membership.  Members holding an Instructors rating will also be provided an additional ad for their flight instruction business.


The only contact information shown in the ad will be your name, address and email address.


Advertising that is not directly related to gyroplane aviation will not be accepted. No advertising agency commissions will be honored. All copy is subject to the approval of Gyro Nation.


The Gyro Nation and  Express Concepts, LLC., assumes no responsibility for items, products or services as to their adaptability, suitability, safety or any claims made by advertisers. "Buyer must always beware."


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