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The South African Gyroplane Association Fly-in & Conference

by Eben Mocke, Jr.

This event gave friends, family and other gyro enthusiasts the opportunity to gather in a relaxed setting and look, talk and fly gyros for an entire weekend.

These are photos that were taken on a flight my father and I enjoyed together. We flew 1400 km (870 miles) to The South African Gyroplane Association Fly-in & Conference and back.

The event was held at the Aldam Estate which overlooks the Allemanskraal Dam adjacent to the Willem Pretorius Game Reserve. It is situated between Henneman and Winburg, 70 nm north of Bloemfontein, 140 nm south of Johannesburg, 220 nm north-east of Durban and 540 nm north-east of Cape Town. The restaurant served excellent meals and the lapa for bush braai's allows you to relax in nature around a camp fire.

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