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KRUZA by GT Gyroplanes

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GT Gyroplanes Pty Ltd, was formed by brothers Geoff and Alistair Morrison.  Geoff had spent 20 years of his life maintaining and re-building small fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in Central Otago, New Zealand.  Alistair is a Civil Engineer who has had  a passion for flying since his first flight in a Tiger Moth at the age of eight.  Both have fixed wing and gyro licenses and have owned several different aircraft.   When they could not find a gyroplane which met their needs, they started developing a gyroplane which has lead to the “Kruza”. More Info ..


  Nice Xenon Gyro - (pictured below)

I managed some flying out of Speyer (EDRY) and into Freiberg (EDTF) in Germany. It was notable that myself and my cousin finally got there. We'd promised ourselves this trip for many years and we finally managed it!

 PLUS whilst there, I got to see an MT-03 take off and land. And over at the hangers was a particularly fine example of a Xenon Gyro. Doesn't she look great?  This  is me
admiring itI also have a picture of me decrying the fact that it isn't my very own little RAF Modified which is lost somewhere in the world !!!


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